Spring Creek Custom Machining is a 12,500 square foot job shop with 20 employees operating out of Northwest Arkansas.  We specialize in short production runs, including custom pieces and runs of thousands of parts.  With our in-house machines, we can complete almost any item that your company may need, whether it’s an inventory part, an OEM part, or a custom part.  

We are A Native American-owned and veteran-owned Corporation.

Spring Creek does not offer any automotive machining or machining for any highway or on road vehicle uses


Production CNC Manufacturing
custom CNC manufacturing
Prototyping (Please see Prototyping Page)
CNC Milling
CNC Lathe and Turning
CNC mill turn manufacturing
solid modeling using Solidworks and fusion 360
Shaft and pulley Keyway work
Precision Grinding
Press Brake
Welding and Weldment Fabrication
Heat Treating and Partial Heat Treating
Black Oxide Rust preventative
Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Aluminum, plastics
other metals and materials on request

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Job Shop and Custom Machining

Spring Creek is a well-established machine shop offering full service for commercial and industrial customers. Custom machining is a critical tool for anyone whose job is to keep machines and physical infrastructure up and running. We can create fit and function CNC machined parts or precision manufactured parts to an exacting standard. We deliver to industrial and commercial clients in the Northwest Arkansas area. Shipping via your carrier of choice is also readily available. In some cases Spring Creek can offer same-day service, please call for specific pricing and availability.

Precision industrial wear parts (MRO)

Industrial wear parts made with a mill/turn process with bearing tolerances within +/- .0002″.

Industrial facilities often rely of machines whose parts are not mass manufactured. In a perfect world drawings for these parts are available but keeping industrial equipment running is often anything but perfect. Spring Creek Custom Machining can reverse engineer and remanufacture parts for all manner of industrial applications. Drawings and CAD solids can be created as needed to get the job done. Our industrial MRO clients report large annual cost savings with our services.

Part replication

Stuck with a broken MRO part out of manufacture? No worries, bring your part in and we can draw the part based on the three dimensional measurements capturing any complex curvature along the way. You will be operational in no time.

Faro three dimensional measuring tools allow a higher level of precise reverse engineering for complex curves.

CNC milling

Our machinists are up to almost any milling challenge. We use advanced CAD/CAM software and modern CNC mills to accomplish almost any machining challenge. We regularly mill all common varieties of steel as well as plastics. Brass, aluminum, copper, and titanium as well as many other metals can be sourced and machined to fit your needs.

Aluminum is one of many materials we can mill for a wide variety of applications.

Custom Fabrication and Weldments

Fabrication and welding services include: Mig; Tig; Stick welding; plasma cutting; Press Brake; Water Jet services are all offered for most fabrication materials including plastics and metals. Call 479-770-6242 or Email Quotes@springcreekinc.com with specific size and material questions.

Weldments made from multiple parts can be
machined before or after welding allowing a more economical method of part manufacture.

Precision grinding and Surfacing

We offer grinding and finishing services to achieve surface flatness and part uniformity. We can grind single parts or batches for a surface uniformity of .0001″.

Flat surface grinding to .0001″

Shaft Repair and replacement

Custom machined shafts, pulleys, and couplers made with exacting precision.

Spring Creek Custom Machining has CNC lathe machinists who can make any shaft replacement complete with exact threading and milled keyways. We can even draft a new part based on broken or worn shafts. We also manufacture weldment shafts couplings

Our machinists can often resurface specialty shafts saving money for industrial clients.

Wire EDM Cutting

Spring Creek Custom Machining has one of the Northwest Arkansas area’s only wire EDM services. EDM technology allows us to create parts that can’t be made in other ways. Wire EDM is especially useful for very small precise cuts on small parts as well as creating very smooth and exact keyways/broaches for pulleys and creating gearing.

Wire EDM cuts can create exceptionally fine features.

Black Oxide Rust preventative

We offer black oxide coating for parts we manufacture to prevent rust and increase useful life and value. We can also refinish client parts. Refinishing is a way of increasing part life and is often done when industrial drive components are disassembled for maintence. We work with our industrial clients to make sure we can get parts turned to meet maintence oppertunities.

Black oxide is a reliable rust preventative for ferrous metals

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OEM Part Manufacturing

OEM part sourcing can be a significant challenge. Spring Creek Custom Machining is happy to quote any parts in large and small quantities. We support original equipment manufacturers in several industries. In some cases we are the sole supplier of parts and in others we are one of many part providers. All of our custom machining capabilities can be used for OEM part manufacture. Call today to discuss part manufacturing agreements.

We make parts for OEM clients in various industries.

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All prototype customers must either have an existing relationship with Spring Creek or be willing to pay in full prior to creation of the prototype. New prototype customers must also have any desired patents filed, drawings prepared, and Non-Disclosure agreements ready before we look at your part.

We can create almost anything using subtractive manufacturing. We regularly work in all manner of plastics and metals. While making your deadline is a priority, it is important to call ahead when requesting time sensitive parts. Because of the nature of machining, additional costs may be incurred to accommodate priority parts.

Milled Delrin® makes dense, strong, and wear-resistant parts. Delrin® is a great choice for parts and prototypes.

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